Arupa Gold

“Stop the flow of words, open the window of your heart and let the spirit speak.” ~ Rumi

About us

Surrender and Grace, Form and Space - Exploring the manifestation of our shared essential nature through music.

Arūpa Gold is an improvisational music collaboration project by Paul McGillivray (Bluze), Kavi Jezzie Hockaday, and Ella Joy.

In Hinduism and Buddhism, arūpa (a Sanskrit word), refers to formless, non-physical or non-material objects or subjects. Teaming the word Arūpa with Gold symbolizes the manifestation of the formless essential nature of existence into form, in this case the music.

The project is faithful to its founding principle of offering up the personalities of the musicians to the Divine and allowing the music to manifest itself - there is no discussion about direction between the members, no ideas, no preparation, just the intention and commitment to stay in the moment, to fall into the space and profoundly allow what happens to present itself; the musicians simply plug in their equipment and begin to play.

The result is contemporary sacred music; one doesn’t need to wait long to sense, within the music, the heart of the heart coming into being. All ideas of separateness dissolve and the interrelationship of the three beings, the three instruments, the audience, the sound, the body and the space entangle to reveal, for the whole, a deeper reality; one which enables a direct experience of what sages from all ages and traditions have been describing and which can seem illusive or veiled but which, when we contact our most intimate sense of Self (that of which everything is made), becomes known - our infinite, eternal and ever-present lived reality.



Our self-titled debut album is now available to download via Bandcamp.

A couple of spontaneous tracks from our recent session


We were filming while we recorded 'Treated you Well'; here's the video.


23-26 October 2014

SAND Gathering
Dolce Hayes Mansion,
San Jose, California, USA

18-19 June 2015

Nr Calgary, Canada

23-27 July 2015

Somersault Festival
Castle Hill,
North Devon, UK

6-9 August 2015

Wilderness Festival
Cornbury Park,
Oxfordshire, UK

14 August 2015

Herbert Lates
The Herbert Art Gallery
Jordan Well,
Coventry, UK
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